In 2022, the CUGC celebrated its tenth anniversary since the first promotion of the new officers training system in the GC joined this Center. During this time the CUGC has evolved thanks to the initiative, commitment and dedication of all the “guardias civiles" who have been part of the CUGC since its creation. In this context and based on the initial objective that all GC officers have a university degree at the end of their studies, the Center has evolved to become a full Universitary Center, incorporating postgraduate studies, dissemination of knowledge, promoting the internationalization. Beside of that, we needed to promote and consolidate research as one of the basic pillars of the universitary world.

The LOGOS GC magazine is a significant contribution to this investigative spirit that the CUGC wants to undertake. We are aware that it will be an enormous challenge, but with an excited and committed team, we want it to become a reference as an indexed scientific magazine in the world of security.

The magazine launched a special number to commemorate its birth at the beginning of 2023. With the current number, which inaugurates the scientific series of the journal, we want to begin this demanding journey and position LOGOS GC as a prestigious, rigorous and scientific-quality magazine.

The thematic chosen for this first number "technology and artificial intelligence at the service of security" could not be more topical and impactful in the world we live in, new technologies in general and artificial intelligence in particular offer us great advantages for face the challenges and threats to global security, but they also pose certain risks if they are not used in the most appropriate way.

I want to express my gratitude to all the authors of the scientific articles and the rest of the collaborations for making the launch of the first issue possible, and I also congratulate them on the quality and thoroughness of their contributions.

Finally, I want to acknowledge and congratulate the CUGC team for their high degree of initiative and their tireless work that has made possible that LOGOS GC becomes a reality.